Alexander Volkov
Life and work chronicles rus
1886-1916 1917-1924 1925-1930 1931-1940 1941-1957 1958-2006

Outbreak of war. Volkov invites painters evacuated from Moscow to live in his studio.

Works intensely. Participates in exhibitions, holds a one man show in 1944 . Throughout the war years Volkov’s studio was a refuge for his former students from Tashkent.

Awarded the title “Peoples’ Painter of Uzbekistan”. His paintings are included in the all-Union Still Life exhibition. This will be the last time that his work will be allowed to be shown in Moscow during his life. Articles in the media aññuse Volkov of “formalism and cosmopolitism”.

The Politburo launches a campaign against cosmopolitism. Volkov abandons all his positions in the Artist’s Union.

The Artists Union strives to isolate Volkov, declaring the artist is ill or idle.

After ten years in oblivion, the work of “the Peoples’ Artist Volkov” is exhibited by the Artists Union of Uzbekistan to mark his 70th birthday.

December 17
1957 Death of Aleksandr Nikolaevitch Volkov. Aleksandr Volkov sculpted a bust of his father which was placed on the grave in Tashkent’s Botkinskoe cemetery.

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